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Last News... [2016, feb-03]

The whole new 8 tracks LP is released just now. You can listen it here & download the whole album at BANDCAMP. Choose your own folder, uncompressed (WAV, FLAC), or compressed MP3 (studio quality), AAC, AIFF...
We hope you'll enjoy it. Feel free to share & give us feedback, in using social networks or sending an Email. We'd like to get your feelings about our musical way. Thanks for your support.

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Last release...[2016, Feb-03]

'ALLEGORIES [digital LP]'
8 Tracks LP - 52'56 - CC-by-sa 4.0
6 previously unseen tracks + the whole 7"EP (2014) remastered. We hope you'll have fun...
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About In Limbo

By Kev Rowland (ProgArchives collaborator).

French instrumental band IN LIMBO was formed back in 2002, originally a project that involved the creative partnership of Nicolas (guitars, drums) and Yome (bass, drums) but from 2010 and onwards a true band project following Florian's addition as a permanent member. Inspired by some of the Progressive & psychedelic rock masters (Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Pink Floyd, Steven Wilson...), the trio tried to improve endlessly their own style and technical approach.

As of February 2015 the band have three official productions to their name. The initial full length debut Somnebuleux from 2008, these days described as a demo by the band, their official debut album Interstices which was recorded in the band's own home studio from 2013 like the single Impression in D from 2014 & the new LP 'Allegories' (2016). All of them, at the time of writing, legally available as free downloads directly from the band. In Limbo is today unsigned and self-produced, and they fee that making profits this way is probably indecent which is why the albums are available free of charge. Up to now...

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